Strategic Priorities

The Michigan Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics develops a list of strategic priorities annually to focus the policy,
program, and advocacy work of the Chapter and its committees. These priorities are aligned with the national policies and positions
of the American Academy of Pediatrics ( The MIAAP utilizes a strategic planning and measurement process called the
Balanced Scorecard to track and report on the outcomes achieved by the Chapter annually.

The Priorities are:

  1. Child Health Advocacy
    • a. Promote Medical Home
    • b. Promote developmental screening in pediatric practices and promote other Bright Futures recommendations (learn   more)
    • c. Mobilize members to advocate for child health and pediatric practice issues in the public arena (learn more)
    • d. Communicate with media, legislators and other government officials on child health and pediatric practice issues
  2. Membership Benefit
    • a. Advocate for pediatric providers on access and reimbursement issues with state partners
    • b. Provide evidence-based education for child health providers in Michigan
    • c. Provide forums (electronic and meetings) for member-chapter dialogue
  3. Financial Sustainability
    • a. Expand member recruitment activities (learn more)
    • b. Develop Foundation funding to support programming and staffing (learn more)
  4. Internal Process- Infrastructure
    • c. Improve communication with members through reconstruction of website and utilization of other communication tools

Chapter Committees