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William Stratbucker, MD, FAAP


The MIAAP Healthy Weight committee is dedicated to help all pediatric providers to improve their assessment, treatment and overall prevention of childhood overweight and obesity. The committee provides information to MIAAP members about the problem in Michigan, opportunities for continuing education, and is a forum for policy advocacy at the state level. Members of this committee actively participate in state coalitions to prevent and reduce childhood obesity, including Healthy Kids, Healthy Michigan. Our goal is to provider office-based expertise for all pediatric providers to learn from, including what is unique or specific for Michigan physicians such as local resources, state specific reimbursement information, and Michigan legislative opportunities and updates.

The MIAAP supports the American Academy of Pediatric (AAP) National Policy statement about obesity:The American Academy of Pediatrics is dedicated to the prevention of childhood overweight and obesity. The AAP has created a website to bring awareness to the serious health problem of childhood overweight and obesity; empower pediatricians and families to take action in their homes, offices and communities to prevent childhood obesity; and to support pediatricians, families and community advocates in improving the health status of those children who are already overweight and obese (

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